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Spa Services


Hand Wash & Wax

$250 - $350

-Hand wash using premium soap with foam cannon.

-Clay bar key areas to remove surface contamination (bird droppings, sap, tree fall out) and previous wax.

-Dried with compressed air and premium microfiber towels to prevent swirls and scratches.

-Windows cleaned inside/out.

-Interior vacuumed.

-Dash dusted and wiped with natural look dressing.

-Wheel faces and barrels cleaned.

-Polymer Sealant or Wax (to keep car protected from elements).

-Tires scrubbed and cleaned, premium tire dressing (natural look) applied with brush to eliminate sling.


Full Detail

$400- $500

-Hand Wash & Wax +

-Degreasing with paint safe citrus degreaser to remove previous protection (wax, sealant, glaze) and expose any covered up defects.

-Single step polishing to remove very light scratches, holograms, and swirls. (Paint correction may still be need to ensure best possible finish depends on overall condition of paint).

-All plastic and rubber trim is taped off before polishing to avoid staining and transfer.

-Compressed air used to remove dust debris from door pockets all cracks and crevices.

-Clean and wipe down all panels and seating surfaces.

-Clean and shampoo the carpets.

-Discounted with ceramic coating.


Ultimate Detail

$1000- $2000

-Full Detail +

-Evaluation of paint & overall condition (final pricing upon evaluation).

-Full paint correction (All plastic and rubber trim is taped off before polishing to avoid staining and transfer).

-Wheels removed brake calipers and suspension cleaned.

-Clean and degrease undercarriage.

-Clean and degrease engine bay and dress with a water based product for natural look.

-Seats removed and interior and carpets steam cleaned.

-Windows and headlights polished to remove hard water spots and other glazing.

-Discounted with ceramic coating.


Ala Carte Services

-Paint Correction - $100 / hr (Evaluation of paint condition final pricing upon evaluation).

-Ceramic Coating - $800 - $1200 (pricing varies depending on size and difficulty vehicle requires paint correction).

-Paint Protection Film (contact for pricing)



-Dent Removal (Evaluation for final pricing).

-Alloy wheel repair (Evaluation for final pricing).

-Leather/upholstery repair (Evaluation for final pricing).

-Mechanical repairs (we work with the best shops in the area and can help or advise).


Other Services

-Monthly Storage $250/month

-Window tinting (contact for pricing).

-Transportation to and from our facility (contact for pricing).

-Professional photography of your car either in our studio or out side with our in house photographer (contact for pricing).

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